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We create sites that are clean, clear and engaging

and always with a good dash of visual dazzle

We understand the Web, and we know how to use it to help you achieve your goals. Whether that's promoting your business and raising your company profile; selling your products online; or creating more advanced online experiences, software and tools.

If you have an idea you'd like to discuss then why not get in touch. We're always happy to chat, we don't charge for ideas or advice, and no project is too big or small...
We love 'em all.

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We love it, whether it's a simple brochure site, full online store, or educational networking site. It's where we get our kicks... that and coffee.

We love a challenge, and we put a lot of effort into making design that works hard for our clients to engage their customers, and we always ensure our sites are intuitive and easy to use. This means spending time on planning how the final site will be used, how it is connected to other digital marketing and social media activity, and ensuring all the little details are spot on.

We have some very nerdy guys in our office, so we're able to do all sorts of clever development and take approaches to projects that wouldn't often be possible. We've built our own suite of web tools, including a CMS, CRM, Ecommerce System, Image Gallery, and Web Marketing tools, and can extend the functionality for clients to fit pretty much whatever they require.

They also work happily with open-source systems such as Drupal and Wordpress, and know all sorts of languages that normal people don't speak.

Don't worry though, they're all well versed in not speaking 'tech', unless you ask them to... in which case it's your own fault.

We have a lot of powerful options to provide you with easy ways to update and manage the content of your website. We tailor our own custom CMS system to each job, so yours will be as simple to use as possible while offering everything you need (and more importantly, nothing you don't!). We'll even change the colours and style it for you if you want your own branded CMS.

Alternatively we are just as happy developing with open-source systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla, and of course we'll help you understand the best option for your project.

Our E-Commerce system enables you to easily and simply sell your products online, and because we use our own in-house system we can tailor this to your exact requirements. The Admin Area used to maintain your site includes complete E-Commerce management tools to maintain your product catalogue, process orders, track payments, store customer details, manage stock control, and even includes a mailing application and packing order and invoice generation.

Design for mobile is now an important consideration for all businesses, with a substantial, and ever increasing percentage of all web usage being on mobile devices. We offer a range of services to help you make the most of your mobile customers, from simplified versions of websites or content that are 'served-up' for mobile users, through to custom mobile application development. It's much simpler and less expensive than most people realise to create mobile specific content, so why not have a chat with us to see how this could benefit your business.

This is the starting point for everything we do - we always try and understand the 'why' before doing anything else for our clients. Who are you trying to reach, and what's the best way to do this? We understand digital media, and keep constantly updating our knowledge so we can ensure we have the big picture.

We can then advise clients on how best to spend their time and money, and tailor solutions to suit their budget. Often this is work that the client can do with a little hand holding or minimal involvement from us, or sometimes it's a more sophisticated mix of online advertising, development of social media, web video, email marketing and other channels. This nearly always starts by establishing the building blocks for successful search engine performance, with an SEO and key term review, copywriting, and a little link building.

Not sure where to start? We can have a look for you and give you some ideas about what will work and help you understand the options.

Take a look at our Digital Marketing page to find out more.

The way we use the internet has well and truly changed, and so thankfully has our understanding of the potential for businesses to take part in this revolution. The power of trusted communities and referrals, social and friendly networks, and new platforms for more direct marketing cannot be ignored. We can help you to understand what channels will best suit your business, and personality, and how to make the most of these opportunities.

Take a look at our Digital Marketing page to find out more.

We offer a range of fully managed website hosting services and email solutions. We can set up your hosting and all email accounts, and then monitor your site to ensure that any problems are dealt with as swiftly as possible, and at no extra cost to you. Our accounts are hosted by one of the countries’ largest providers who monitor their servers 24/7. This means that if anything goes wrong then you don’t have the headache of dealing with it, and you know we are at hand to sort it quickly and with minimum disruption to your service.

Looking for an Outsource Web Partner?

We work with lots of agencies, big and small, as an outsource partner; providing our specialist web services to their clients. We are highly professional and can work seamlessly as part of your business.

We can provide everything starting from the design, work with other designers to transfer those designs into working websites (and other digital media), provide digital marketing services and hosting, and can help you with initial client meetings and planning.

Why not get in touch to find out more.